Beautiful glass gifts - handcrafted in the New Forest

About The Juniper Company


After completing A level Art, I spent years in the family printing business, where design and colour were always a strong interest. I have always had a love of coloured glass, and having lived near the New Forest all my life, nature and its colours are a major influence.


My inspiration comes from all around me, from the shape of a plant or dead tree, or a piece of jewellery, to the design in a jumper, textiles being another love!


We make beautiful handcrafted stained, leaded and fused glass objects to decorate your home. Everything is unique and can be made to order in any colours to suit.


A lot of the pieces we create evolve out of leftovers! Nothing is thrown away - we try to re-use everything. They create themselves - we try not to re-cut any pieces, and arrange and rearrange them to fit well together. They are then soldered or fused together to create totally unique pieces.

The Juniper Company  Sedge Cottage  25 Ashford Road  Fordingbridge  Hampshire  SP6 1BZ

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